Top 5 Benefits of Glycerol you're probably missing out on

Top 5 Benefits of Glycerol you're probably missing out on

Top 5 Benefits of Glycerol you're probably missing out on. 

Glycerol, you've probably heard of it, maybe you've even taken it before but chances are if you have taken it the dosage was limited and the experience was sub par due to the Glycerol being under dosed or the powder being clumpy. If you've never experienced a true 10-20g dosage of Glycerol then here's a few things you're probably missing out on. 

1. Enhanced Hydration and Performance:
In the realm of sports nutrition, hydration reigns supreme, and glycerol takes it to the next level. By attracting and retaining water within the body, glycerol bolsters hydration levels, crucial for sustaining peak performance during rigorous training sessions and competitions. Studies have shown that glycerol supplementation can significantly improve endurance and time to exhaustion, allowing athletes to push past their limits and achieve optimal results.

2. Improved Thermoregulation:
Maintaining optimal body temperature is essential for performance and safety during intense exercise. Glycerol aids in thermoregulation by enhancing the body's ability to dissipate heat, thereby reducing the risk of overheating and fatigue. Athletes exposed to high temperatures or engaged in prolonged physical activity can benefit from glycerol's ability to support heat tolerance and mitigate the adverse effects of heat stress on performance.

3. Increased Glycogen Storage:
Glycogen serves as the primary fuel source for muscles during exercise, playing a pivotal role in sustaining energy levels and performance. Glycerol has been shown to enhance glycogen storage in muscles, allowing athletes to tap into this readily available energy source more efficiently. By optimizing glycogen utilization, glycerol supplementation can delay fatigue, improve endurance, and prolong time to exhaustion, enabling athletes to maintain intensity and power output for longer durations.

4. Accelerated Recovery and Muscle Repair:
Effective recovery is essential for athletes looking to bounce back quickly and perform at their best consistently. Glycerol aids in post-exercise recovery by promoting hydration and facilitating the delivery of nutrients to muscle cells. Additionally, glycerol's anti-inflammatory properties help reduce exercise-induced muscle damage and soreness, expediting the repair process and minimizing downtime between training sessions. Incorporating glycerol into your recovery regimen can help you bounce back faster and hit the ground running for your next workout or competition.

5. Improved Cognitive Function:
Athletic performance isn't just about physical prowess – mental acuity plays a significant role in achieving peak results. Glycerol has been shown to support cognitive function by maintaining hydration levels within the brain and enhancing cognitive performance during prolonged periods of exertion. By staying mentally sharp and focused, athletes can make split-second decisions, react quickly to changing conditions, and maintain peak performance throughout their training or competition.

Knowing all this it sounds crazy that someone wouldn't want to take Glycerol right? Well it's not as uncommon as you think and there's a reason for that! most Glycerol supplements come in powder form which can have clumping issues. This is one of the many reasons we created Pump Sauce. Liquid Glycerol is much easier to use helping you get all these amazing health benefits with ease!
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